pressed metal plates on cars
Please be aware Plate my ride will be shut from 17/04/2014 - 06/05/2014 
Our last working day will be Wednesday 16th April, all documents for pending orders must arrive on or before the 16th. Please do not send documents while we are shut as they will not looked at until we reopen. 
Any order placed while we are shut will not be processed until we reopen on Tuesday 06th May. 
Paypal Payments will be disabled during this time. 
We operate from there state of the art premesis in Germany with the ability to create all kinds of custom vehicle plates and fun plates.  
We ship worldwide and make all styles of German plates. Here you will find all german style pressed number plates with nearly all fonts available. If you require U.K legal pressed plates please see Whatever plates you choose be sure to get your number plate surrounds to save drilling your bumper. We also offer American style pressed plates for American cars, Japanese and Import cars or for something different try our hybrid plates and mix American style pressed plates with Euro style pressed plates. Stand out at the show with the best range of show plates available. 
Euro Plates 
Pressed metal Euro plate Simulator
Premium quality Euro style pressed plates with a choice of 3 fonts, many other options and colours to choose from! 
Hybrid Plates 
hybrid american style pressed plates with Euro plates
Our NEW Euro - USA hybrid plates. 
Mix American With Euro pressed plates 
300mm x 110mm 
Import Plates 
Japanese style pressed plate simulator
Japanese style pressed plates  
- ideal for your imported car 
USA Classic Plates 
Classic american style pressed registration plates
Many clour combo’s! 
Customised with your own lettering 
Great American pressed plates  
USA State Plates 
American style pressed plate simulator
American style plates! 
Customised with your own lettering 
For your American car 
UK Legal Plates 
U.K legal pressed metal registration plates
Specially developed with our partner Dubmeister they offer a euro look pressed metal plate which is fully U.K road legal 
Most Popular 
Customer Gallery 
VW polo with pressed metal German show plates
shipping pressed metal plates
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Shipping Wordwide!  
Pressed metal plate surrounds
Pressed metal Euro style plate holders BUY NOW!